• Parking Shortage Plagues Macedonian Capital
  • plague: to cause serious problems for someone or something
  • encroach: to intrude on something; to exceed the normal limits
  • outcry: a strong expression of anger and disapproval about something
  • inconsiderate: not thinking about other people’s feelings or needs
  • pedestrian: 歩行者




  • Making Coffee More Convenient with Robot Baristas
  • be good to go: to be ready or prepared for something
  • ready,experience,averateの発音を注意された.eの長音と短音を意識したほうが良いとのこと.ありがたいアドバイス.


  • New Invention Detects Cancer in Seconds
  • tumor: an abnormal group of cells in the body, which may be cancerous
  • invasive: (of medical procedures) involving cutting into the body
  • molecule: the smallest part of an element; a group of atoms



  • Japanese Bus Drivers Strike by Refusing to Collect Fares
  • comply with: a period of time when a group of employees stop working as a form of protest
  • tactic: a strategy or method used to achieve something
  • 先生を予約し忘れていたので,一人で音読と質問回答だけやった.


  • Life May Exist Among the Clouds of Venus
  • extraterrestrial: existing outside the Earth
  • harbor: to give home to
  • microbial: relating to extremely small living things that can only be seen under a microscope
  • めちゃくちゃ明るい先生だった.楽しかった.


  • Elon Musk’s Tips for Productivity
  • lofty: very high and impressive
  • drop off: to suddenly disappear; to suddenly leave a conversation
  • inhibit2: 妨げる,抑制する.
  • 発音についてかなり丁寧にアドバイスをもらった.
    • th:舌を使って強調すること.
    • w:uとならないよう3,ワ行の発音を意識すること.
    • doubling:日本語的にダブリングと発音すると「doboling」と聞こえるみたい.下唇をかんで「b」と「l」を一気に発音すること.
  1. 名詞だと固体という意味になるので注意. 

  2. inhabit(住む)と勘違いした. 

  3. uとwを比較して発音してもらったが,イマイチ違いがわかならかった.